Editor's Message

Gastronomy continues to attract increasing attention in our country as well as all over the world. However, gastronomy is perceived by many as a profession consisting of cooking and serving. Although this perception is broken, in order for gastronomy to find its rightful place in our country, it is necessary to introduce the society that it is a science and art branch. Nowadays, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Departments are increasingly opened in state and foundation universities in our country. It is gratifying and promising for our universities to focus on this issue, to train academic staff, to conduct scientific studies and to organize events.

The most important tool in conveying scientific developments and researches to the target audience is undoubtedly scientific refereed journals published in their field. Although there are many journals in this field in our country, the number of journals that include scientific research is limited. To fill this gap, to bring a scientific and artistic approach to gastronomy; to share the results of scientific research, analysis and project studies in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts; to convey current information and developments to the target audience; to provide a basis for discussion of issues related to the subject; It was decided to publish a magazine by Istanbul Aydın University to introduce Turkish cuisine culture. Our magazine, which published its first issue in January 2017, has become nationally and internationally recognized over time. Our boards are composed of national and international scientists. Necessary attempts are made to be scanned by international indexes. In this context, in order to increase the number and quality of the publications in our journal, the support of you valuable researchers from all branches of science and art related to gastronomy is needed.

Best Regards...

Prof. Dr. Kamil BOSTAN